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Data Analytics

Our Data Analytics division is dedicated to assisting you harness the potential of data to further your business goals.

We provide specialized services in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence, and Artificial Intelligence, all of which are essential for gaining an extensive comprehension of how to transform data into actionable, valuable insights that promote business growth.

Our team consists of highly skilled data analysts, business intelligence experts, data scientists, and machine learning engineers. They excel in designing customized data infrastructures, including analytics platforms and data warehouses, conducting in depth analyses, creating engaging data visualizations, and developing predictive models.

Our Offering

With our tailored approach, we address your unique requirements effectively. Here’s a glimpse of what we provide.

Data Strategy

Building a data strategy is essential for organizations that want to stay relevant, competitive and innovative despite constant change. They must curate, understand and protect data to achieve business objectives and create new value. All the organizations collect large amounts of raw data. However, they need a well-thought-out data management and analysis plan if they want to use this information to make informed decisions and create applications. We support them in defining ways to create value from data through their organization, governance, and usage via tools, platforms, skills, people, and culture.

Data Modelling & Architecture

Quick-win solutions for exploring data, preparing them in a time crunch, but without losing focus on their quality and value. Design and build aggregated data and key indicators valuable for the specific business.

Business Reports Engineering

Design and build of ad-hoc reports to reinforce processes and decisions, leveraging automation and metadata support for efficient and effective guidance. Fusion of business domain expertise to provide the right people with the correct information at the right time.

Data Visualisation

Design and build of specific reports and dashboards to show information at a glance, using the most suitable technology, format, and design while leveraging cognitive ergonomics and best visualization practices. Data Storytelling through effective visualization.

Insight Generation - Ad-hoc Analysis

Providing business support through insight generation, pattern recognition, exploratory and descriptive analytics, delving into data to uncover insights, causes and reasons, both systematically across the domain and upon specific customer request.

Predictive Analytics

Creation and analysis of predictive models and AI solutions harnessing state-of-the-art machine learning and AI algorithms within a big data architecture. This aim to offer the most efficient solutions to address future business challenges by predicting what will happen.

Data Governance and Management

Assistance in the design and rollout of processes and solutions to manage E2E data journey, track the data throughout it according to rules and policies. Knowledge delivery of data to both business users and technical departments.

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