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Revolutionizing Energy Grid Simulation and Monitoring with Softlab and RTE

Since 2016, Softlab has been collaborating with the R&D department of RTE, the French Transmission System Operator, to develop open-source components for optimal grid operation. This partnership aims to promote the use of these components within the TSO-DSO community.


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Softlab and RTE developed PowSyBl (Power System Blocks), an open-source framework designed to simplify the process of writing complex software for power system simulations and analysis. The framework includes interfaces for integrating power system tools such as power flows and simulators, grid models data standards (ENTSOE CIM/CGMES), process distribution utilizing high-performance computing, visualization tools, and uncertainties analysis. Additionally, OperatorFabric is an interface framework designed to support control room operators, focusing on coordination, collaboration, and decision-making assistance.

The collaboration has successfully created PowSyBl and OperatorFabric, two groundbreaking projects that have become part of the LF Energy Foundation. This foundation is a project of The Linux Foundation, dedicated to supporting open-source innovation within the energy and electricity sectors. These projects have significantly improved energy grid simulation and monitoring processes, paving the way for efficient and sustainable power systems.


PowSyBl and OperatorFabric leverage cutting-edge technologies such as high-performance computing, visualization tools, and advanced data standards like ENTSOE CIM/CGMES. By harnessing these technologies, Softlab and RTE have revolutionized the way power systems are simulated, analyzed, and monitored.