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On-site Telephony End User Assistance to Corporate Clients

A main Telco operator in Italy wanted to add a service of on-site telephony end-user assistance to their corporate clients, primarily improving SIM card and terminal service management. Softlab proposed a well-structured and flexible service, based on process efficiency, contributing to corporate clients’ satisfaction. Softlab acted as the Customer’s representative with the final clients.


RPA and customer services

With staff typically located at the HQ premises of Telco's Corporate Clients, Softlab provided HD1 (Help desk level 1) for any terminal, SIM card, or internet key issues. They made sure activation/deactivation processes were executed effectively, especially when massive and on high numbers of end-users. Softlab provided VIP support, customized reports, and analyses of usage and costs for each client.


Since 2012, Softlab has been exclusively delegated to provide on-site telephony end-user assistance to the Customer. The number of multinational corporate clients purchasing the additional service has increased to 11 and distributed over different market segments (Health, Pharma, Life science, Manufacturing, Food, Banking, Oil & Gas, Luxury). A corporate client renewed their three-year contract with the Telco Customer above and beyond the additional level of quality of the on-site assistance. The Customer now intends to expand the additional assistance selling and convert it into a complete service with a potential area of several tens of multinational companies.

The project involved providing on-site telephony end-user assistance, including HD1 (Help desk level 1) for any terminal, SIM card, or internet key issues, and VIP support. Additionally, Softlab provided customized reports and analyses of usage and costs for each client.