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5G Energy Saving Process Implementation

One of the main Italian mobile network operators approached Softlab for a cost-effective solution to switch off 5G sites during low traffic periods for OPEX savings. However, the current software implemented by the RAN vendor was inadequate for performing automatic and controlled 5G switch-offs.

    Process steps


    Softlab leveraged its expertise in mobile network optimization and automation of network processes to develop a comprehensive solution for 5G plan management. The process involved the use of a vendor-specific tool, iSStar, based on Python for interworking with counters and configuration of the customer network. The steps taken were: Checking the availability status of each 5G cell integrated into the network Automatic switch-off (at 1 am) of all previously serviceable 5G cells Recursive checking of 5G cells that were not correctly shut-down between 1 am and 5 am (e.g. due to connectivity issues) Automatic switch-on (at 5 am) of all previously switched-off 5G cells Recursive checking of 5G cells that were not correctly re-activated between 5 am and 1 am (e.g. due to connectivity issues) Monitoring and reporting of 5G cells switch-off times and availability status


    The implementation of Softlab's 5G plan management solution yielded remarkable results. The customer was the first in Europe to perform 5G switch-offs during nighttime, even though no RAN Technology Vendor had implemented the solution in any available SW release. The solution also saved over 1 Million KWh in one year, while maintaining remote management of the devices. There was no impact on 5G service availability outside of the window for night switch-off.


    Softlab developed a solution utilizing the iSStar tool based on Python interworking for counters and network configuration, along with recursive checks between 1 am and 5 am, and 5 am to 1 am. The solution was able to manage 5G cells availability during the day, while achieving efficient 5G switch-off during the night.

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