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"Sales Order Entry Process” PoC
Automation based on an UiPath BOT

Softlab has developed a highly efficient and reliable bot utilising UiPath Technology to automate the Sales Orders Entry Process. Our automation solution has empowered our customer organization to streamline operations, improve accuracy, and accelerate the order entry process, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and increased productivity, while reducing manual data entry efforts.

    Process steps


    Softlab conducted several discovery sessions with the client to jointly analyse the process to be automated, identifying general aspects and special cases. Key stakeholders were involved early on to align them with the goals of the initiative. During the process walkthrough, we optimized all steps that could lead to inefficiencies or exceptions.


    The implementation of the bot has made the process more efficient by automating data entry tasks that had limited value but were prone to errors. Additionally, we established a foundation that can be easily scaled to accommodate other clients, ensuring scalability. Moreover, up-to-date reporting capabilities ensure alignment with placed orders. The bot operates 24/7, making sure there are no delays in the order entry process.


    The selected solution is based on a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Platform, called UiPath, allowing for the automation of the Sales Order Entry Process through a schedulable bot via an orchestrator. The solution meets the following criteria:

    • Scalability: the bot’s transaction volume does not impact workflow operations or cause slowdowns affecting usability.
    • Reusability: where applicable, bots are created parametrically for potential use by other applications or processes in the future
    • Flexibility: an Agile approach and open design facilitate easy incorporation of changes made during construction or necessitated by future business evolutions.

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